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profil, strona o mniePiotr Ostalecki

  • Interesuje się projektowaniem układów elektronicznych, programowaniem i modelarstwem
  • Odpoczywam fotografując i jeżdżąc rowerem szosowym
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  1. Pleased to meet you Dr. Peter Ostalecki !!
    Very glad, as I read the recipes for bread!
    I came to bread Search the web p82b715 IP and application of IP.
    I am a mechanical engineer involved more than 8 years of age with radio electronics, now with avnomatizatsiya, I love the mountains and live 33km from Sofia in the mountains of 730 meters above sea level. From an early age I was interested in natural and friendly way of life. Subsequently, my interest is in the proper / hormonal / meal. Desktop my books are: “The Zone” – auto. Barry Sears, “Longevity of the brain – a medical program for improving memory and mental activity” auto. Dr. Singh drachma Khalas, Kamaran Stout and other books …
    Of those years, and earlier I thought I had to go into medicine. Well, I do not regret traveled road of life!
    The first bread which izmesih hand 15 years ago is corn – it has a high glycemic index. Then I’ve done, and periodically bake wheat with fillers: peeled sunflower seeds, oatmeal, oat bran, wheat bran. Unfortunately mine, always with yeast from the store!? This bread, and your – rye, as you know, have a low glycemic index. This is very important for the metabolism of each person.
    I wish you health, success in all walks of life science and much happiness!
    Pozdrovi Krasimir Slavchev Kokanova, Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia – p.k.1309, E-mail: kkokanov@gmail.com

    Excuse me for the bad translation.

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